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  • If you and your subscribers are tired of all the junk that being passed around that promises but never delivers;

  • If you're tired of time after time finding out that you've once again bought yet another MRR or PLR version of something that you've already got 400 times on your hard drive under 400 different names (and they're all always exactly the same, aren't they?!?);

  • If you're tired their 'tricks', 'sneaky', 'black hat' and 'scare' tactics to try to sell you and everyone else their 'latest & greatest';

Then this package will be like a breath of fresh air to you, 'cause now you'll be in control...

With Unrestricted Private Label Master Resell Rights - You're the Boss - you can do exactly what you want with them, you can decide how to distribute them, what your customers can do with them, and how you and they get to use them.

and here's what you are going to get...

 48 Ready to Go Niche Business
with Unrestricted Private Label Master Resell Rights!

Here's a Full Alphabetical Listing Of The Packages You're Getting:

    • Baby Showers Revealed

    • Bass Fishing 101

    • Bipolar Disorder

    • Boating Secrets Uncovered

    • Body Building

    • Crocheting Made Easy

    • Dealing With Bronchitis

    • Definitive Guide To VOIP

    • Drug Addiction - Stop Your Dependence

    • eBay Power Seller

    • Energy Efficient House

    • Entrepreneur Principals

    • Fitness Guide To Staying Healthy

    • Fly Fishing

    • Forex Trading

    • Genealogy - Uncovering Your Ancestry

    • Growing Greenhouses

    • HDTV Uncovered

    • Home Automation 101

    • How To Manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    • How To Prevent Bed Bugs

    • How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

    • Hybrid Cars

    • Insider Real Estate
  • Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed

  • iPods 101

  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Meditation Guide To Enlightenment

  • Online Dating Guidebook

  • Online Texas Holdem Poker Tips

  • Operating Systems

  • Protect Yourself From Spyware/Adware

  • Selling Your Timeshare

  • Single Parenting

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Stamp Collecting 101

  • Sudoku Puzzle Secrets

  • The Ultimate Scrapbooking Guide

  • Time Management For College Students

  • Trademarking 101

  • Ultimate Baby Boomers Guide

  • Ultimate Guide To Golf

  • Ultimate Iguana Care Handbook

  • Vacation Cruising

  • Video Game Systems Uncovered

  • Wedding Etiquette

  • Wedding Savings

  • Yoga Basics Plus

Inside Each Package You Will Find A Minimum
Combination Of:

  • Main Source File For Each Book

  • Sales Letter/Minisite

  • Google/Yahoo Ads

  • Articles Pack

  • Keywords

and more.....

Sidenote:  Many have more content and also include things like:  complete ecourses, affiliate product recommendations, PSD's and more...

So how much is this all worth?

Conservatively you could sell each one of these niche packages on it's own for $20 - $30 and you'd be offering extreme value to your customers because each product is in a heavily searched, high traffic niche.  And because there are absolutely zero restrictions with these products you could easily create mini bundles and sell them ten times over for $30, $40, $50


Here's What You Can Do With These Products:

[YES] Sell Each Product Individually.
[YES] Sell All The Products As A package.
[YES] Sell Resell Rights.
[YES] Sell Private Label Rights.
[YES] Sell At Online Auctions.
[YES] Give Away.
[YES] Give Away Resell Rights.
[YES] Give Away Private Label Rights.
[YES] Offer As A Bonus.
[YES] Offer As Subscriber Incentives.
[YES] Alter The Source Documents.
[YES] Alter The Graphics.
[YES] Alter The Sales Page.
[YES] Charge Any Price YOU Want.
[YES] Add Them To Membership Sites.
[YES] Create BRAND NEW Products
[YES] Change And Publish The Products Offline
[YES] Put Your Name On The Products As The Author
[YES] Can Do Anything With Them You Can Dream Up!


Think of it this way - if I charged only $5 each for these killer, ready to go businesses, which is about the lowest that I've seen most people selling them for, it would set you back exactly $240.00.....

If I charged only $2.00 each - which would be a FANTASTIC price for a ready to go business of this high quality, it would still cost $96 for the entire collection - and $2 would truly be an unbelievable price....

But you won't pay anywhere near that today!

NOTE: Remember, having Unrestricted Private Label Rights means that you can alter the products in any way you wish, which is the key to branding yourself and your business' identity!

Use these products as a base for your
own ideas and creativity!

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