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From: Stuart Halpryn
Date: October 30, 2005

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NetActivated's Ultimate
Recipe/Cooking Collection
Part Two

An excellent addition to the original 'NetActivated's Ultimate Recipe/Cooking Collection' or great as a stand-alone, this collection brings together many varied aspects to give you and your customers a versatility in the kitchen that you haven't experienced before.

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Thanksgiving Recipes


with Private Branding Master Resell Rights!

"What's the best part of Thanksgiving? The great Thanksgiving dinner, of course. Make this year extra special with our delicious Thanksgiving Recipes. You and your guests are sure to enjoy these savory recipes"...
This eBook provides over 250 time-tested Thanksgiving recipes, that you can cook for thanksgiving, christmas, family reunions, or simply to have fun in your kitchen with your children or relatives.
Thanksgiving Recipes is the ultimate source of recipes for a thanksgiving get together with your family.

Culinary Delights


with Master Resell Rights!

A great chef is like an artist using their inspiration and talents to create masterpieces in food. In Culinary Delights you will find 220 sumptuous and inventive recipes created by some of the finest chefs.
If you admire great food, then Culinary Delights is sure to inspire the great chef in you and prove that spectacular cooking that everyone loves at first bite, can be done at home, in your very own kitchen!

Easter Activity Collection
(& website!)
with Master Resell Rights!

The Family Fun Easter Activity Collection gives you instructions to make tons of mouthwatering dinner recipes such as Easter Roast Lamb with Apple Tartlets, classic Hot Cross Buns and Maple-Glazed Roast Turkey Breast with Cornbread. Or how about some great confections like Easter Bunny Cake, and the World's Best Chocolate Easter Eggs. You will also find easy to make craft ideas for your child as well as puzzles, coloring book pages and games for hours of Easter activities. With over 200 pages of family fun, you will find an array of tasty confections and simple craft projects that will put your family in the Easter spirit.

Blue Ribbon Recipes
490 Award Winning Recipes
with Master Resell Rights!

The very best of recipes from state fairs around the country. From cakes and cookies and breads to jellys and main dishes this one cookbook has it all and you can't go wrong with a recipe that has been a winner in a state fair competition. You will find recipes from the past as well as some of the newest creations that will surely please your family and friends.

300 Recipes For The Grill


with Master Resell Rights!

Food just tastes better on the grill. When you mention grilling, most people think of hot dogs and hamburgers. But the grill is for more then that. You can create deliciuos and mouth-watering meals on your grill. From appetizers to desserts, 300 Recipes For The Grill is packed with recipes that will impess your friends and family.

The Ultimate Collection Of Herbal Tea Remedies
with Master Resell Rights!

Are you looking for a more natural way to obtain releief for common ailments? The Ultimate Collection Of Herbal Tea Remedies is your answer. Inside you will find a wide selection of recipes for herbal teas that will have you feeling better in no time.
In The Ultimate Collection Of Herbal Tea Remedies you will find these many recipes made from natures plants. Why fill your body with man-made chemicals and risk the side-effects that many drugs can have, when you can use natural remedies?

Healing Foods
Important Information You Need For A Healthier Life

with Master Resell Rights!

We all know the importance of eating healthy foods for there vitamin and mineral content, but in recent years, scientists have discovered that there are hundreds of substances in food that have healing and disease prevention properties.
So why, if there are foods that will heal many of our common ailments, have we not heard more about them? Maybe it is because, just as we have become a fast food society, we have also become a fast cure society. We are looking for the easy way to cure and prevent diseases by just popping a pill.
Just look at the increasing number of commercials on TV and the ads in magazines for drugs. Many times the side effects sound worse than the disease they are meant to prevent or cure!
Wouldn't it be better to use nature's own remedies, remedies with no side effects, to cure and prevent diseases?

Popcorn Recipes
with Master Resell Rights!

This 30+ pages ebook contains over 100 popcorn recipes. What else can you say about everyones favorite treat?

Quick And Easy Cooking (w/website!)
with Master Resell Rights!

Have you just arrived home from a long work day and want to prepare something simple? You look in the refrigerator and the only thing that looks easy is the not-so-tasty frozen dinners? So instead you hop in the car and it's off to the fast food restaurant. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to prepare something that was tasty yet simple? With Quick And Easy Cooking you can! 155 easy to prepare yet tasty recipes that you and the family will love.

The Complete Guide To Making Your Own Wine

with Master Resell Rights!

"The Complete Guide To Making Your Own Wine" is an instructional manual on how to make wine, with simple, easy-to-understand instructions, on how to get the job done. It requires very little money, and very little effort. It does require a bit of time, but this is due to the fermenting process. When you get right down to it, everything good requires time.

How To Make Perfect Wines & Spirits From Home
with Master Resell Rights!

Learn How To Make Wines & Spirits So Incredibly Flavoursome & Delightful That No-One Could Resist A Second Glass - Right From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!
Not only does this fantastic package take you by the hand to explain everything you need to know to create perfection, but it also provides over 90 wine & liquor recipes & tutorials so you can make exactly the type & flavour of wine that you want. Whatever type of wine or liquor you wish to make, you will almost certainly have a step-by-step blueprint for it with this eBook (over 70 pages crammed with how-to information, tutorials, recipes & home-wine-making secrets). You'll even learn how you can create your very own unique, signature wine that is unavailable anywhere else in the world.

Sizzling Breakfast Recipes! (w/website)
with Master Resell Rights!

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day, With Sizzling Breakfast Recipes You Get 350 Mouth Watering, Lip Smacking Recipes.
Whether you what a sunday brunch or just a quick and easy breakfast..."Sizzling Breakfast Recipes" is the breakfast cookbook for you. Inside the pages of Sizzling Breakfast Recipes, you will find the traditional breakfast favorite's as well as a selection of unique variations

Mouth-Watering Fair Recipes

with Master Resell Rights!

Eveybody Love's The Fair,Everyone Love's Fair Food. Now You Can Make The Same Exact Foods That You Can Only Get At The Fair.
With "Mouth-Watering Fair Recipes" You Get Over 100 Delicious and Tranitional Fair Recipes.
Inside the pages of Mouth-Watering Fair Recipes, you will find delicious and traditional state and county fair recipes as well as a selection of unique variations.

Brew Your Own Beer

with Master Resell Rights!

Discover How To Become Your Own Brew Master, with 'Brew Your Own Beer'. It takes more than a recipe to make a great beer. Just using the right ingredients doesn't mean your beer will taste like it was meant to. Most of the time it’s the way a beer is made and served that makes it either an exceptional beer or one that gets dumped into the nearest flower pot."
Impress your friends and colleagues with your new-found beer making knowledge, Over 640 Thirst Quenching Beer Recipes!

Delectable Vegetable Dishes
with Master Resell Rights!

The ultimate collection of Tasty Vegetable Recipes! Yummy and Good For You Too!
Vegetables are something we all know we're supposed to eat a lot of because they're good for us, but they can be bland and boring if not prepared in a tasteful way!
With these delicious recipes your family will be asking for a second helping of vegetables!

Pumpkin Pies And More!
with Master Resell Rights!

The Ultimate Collection of 25 Mouth-Watering Pumpkin Pie Recipes!

Recipes From Around The World
Volume 1

with Master Resell Rights!

735 pages of recipes from France, Germany, Greece, Ireland and Russia!

Recipes From Around The World
Volume 2

with Master Resell Rights!

Over 500 pages of recipes from Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, the Phillippines, and the Middle East!

400 Refreshing Punch Recipes
with Master Resell Rights!

Bowl Your Guests Over With A Refreshing Bowl Of Delicious Punch!
Having a party? Punch is the perfect crowd pleaser. Not everyone likes beer or iced tea and punch makes the perfect alternative for any festivity. In 400 Refreshing Punch Recipes you will find an easy to make punch for any occasion.

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