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Pit Bulls as Pets - a Positive Experience! (& website!)
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Everything you ever wanted to know about Pit Bulls, and more. From the common myths, to care, feeding, training, exercise, and even how to choose the right one for you! This is probably one of the most comprehensive books on the subject that you'll find on the net! PDF format for compatibility with Macs!

Pamper your Dog! (w/website!)
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The largest collection of recipes for Man's Best Friend and a sure hit to make him love you even more! This comes in PDF format AND in MS Word format so you can personalize it most any way you want!

Recipes for your Dogs Diet and Care (& website!)
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A huge collection of favorite recipes from other dog owners like yourself. Includes dog shampoos and soaps as well as home remedies for a ton of the most common ailments. This is a two volume collection in PDF format!

Dog-Bite Prevention (w/website!)
with Master Resell Rights!
This 3 Volume Collection includes;
Dog-Bite Prevention - How to Stop your Puppy or Older Dog from Biting. World Class Trainer Tips to Raising a well Behaved Dog. PDF Format
Perfect Puppy - Literally EVERYTHING you'd need or want to now about choosing and raising a puppy. In EXE format
The Dog Food Report - You may want to use the recipe books above after you read this. What's REALLY in the food that they sell you for your dog????

Dog Attack! Survival Tips to keep You and Your Family Safe!

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The title says it all, doesn't it. As the numbers of stray and free roaming dogs grow, so does the numbers of reported dog attacks. Would you know what to do??? PDF Format

The Big Book of Puppy Names!
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With this ebook, you'll NEVER be at a loss when trying to choose a name for your puppy! With about 1/2 a meg and 58 PDF pages, you're SURE to find the perfect name!

The Big Book of Pit Bull Breeders
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Probably the most comprehensive list of Pit Bull Breeders that you'll find anywhere.!

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10 Valuable and Informative eBooks
Almost anything that anyone could want or need to know to pick the right pet, train them, feed them, keep them healthy and More!


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