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5 Deadly Viral Ebook Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid The
by: John Hocking
Creating a viral ebook marketing campaign can be one of the
easiest and most effective ways to promote your product
or website.

Before you begin writing your viral ebook, you need
to know the 5 most common mistakes that can cost you
time and potential income.

1) Never Link Directly to Content You Do Not Control

You should always use redirect links placed on your own
server instead of direct links to affiliate programs.

You never know when the program you are promoting will
change the way its affiliate links work or go out of
business. Using redirect links allows you to quickly
replace the affiliate links with the new version or
redirect to a similar product.

I can not stress enough how important this step is to you.
Once you launch your viral ebook, you can not get it back
to make changes to it. Using redirect links will prevent
dead links and lost profit.

2) Avoid Using Dated Information By Providing Too Specific

Do not talk about free trials or time specific discounts.

The affiliate program you are promoting my not always be
offering the trials or discounts. You will anger your readers
if they can not get the bargains you promised.

You should also avoid statements like "Just Released" or
"Just Launched!". The program you are talking about may
have been around for years but the time your reader gets
your ebook.

3) Never Include Information You Do Not Want All Over The World.

Because of the viral nature of your ebook, it will eventually
spread to every corner of the world.

If you include personal information like your home phone
or your cell phone number, you may be unpleasantly
awakened at all hours of the night. The person in England
or Japan, may not be aware you live in United States.

It is best to provide only an email address or autoresponder
for the initial contact.

4) Do Not Brand The Ebook Yourself

Putting yourself in the position of having to manually
brand and send each copy of the ebook is a sure way to
turn your campaign into NIGHTMARE.

You may be thinking, "What's the BIG DEAL?"

Let imagine for a moment that your ebook starts out slowly
and only 10 people request a branded version the first week.
It takes you about 6 minutes per ebook to brand it and send
it to the user. You have just given up an hour of your life.

Now those 10 people each give it away to 10 people that
also request branded versions. You now have 100 new requests
at 6 minutes each. Now were are talking 60 hours.

As you can see with each passing generation, you will
quickly become unable or unwilling to fulfill requests.

The solution is to give your carriers the ability and
instructions to rebrand the ebooks themselves. This will
take you out of the loop and allow your virus to grow
exponentially unattended.

5) Do Not Forget To Launch A New Window For External Links

When linking to any information not found directly in
your ebook, you should always open a new window. Many
sales processes use javascript that could cause compatibly
problems if viewed within your ebook.

It would be terrible if a viewer where ready to buy a
product based on your reccomendation but was unable to
because you failed to include this simple step.

Avoiding these 5 simple viral ebook marketing mistakes will
greatly increase the profitability of your campaign while
avoiding the pitfalls.

John Hocking created
"Your Source of Information on Creating and Marketing Ebooks"
To learn how to create your own viral ebook visit John
Hocking's Viral Ebook Resource

John Hocking created
"Your Source of Information on Creating and Marketing Ebooks"
To learn how to create your own viral ebook visit John
Hocking's Viral Ebook Resource


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