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Five Benefits of Article Writing
by: Nicholas Dixon
By Nicholas Dixon

A few years ago as a webmaster with no money, I looked around for
the best free methods to drive traffic to my website.

Search engines were my primary source of traffic and due to the
fact that this source took time to gain momentum, visitors were
in spurts at best. Then I found a powerful technique that I
could use to boost my marketing efforts for free.

These are some benefits that I have gain from writing articles.

1) Name Branding- If you type “Oceanroc’ or my name in any search
engine you will likely find hundreds if not thousands of returns.
If you look at bit closer chances are those search results are
pages which contain my articles.

2) Link Popularity- Last October I started a website and by April of this year it had a PR5 rating.
Articles are the main source of the one way links pointing to my

3) Traffic- If I write an article that is interesting, then the
reader may click on my link in the resource box to visit my site
to find similar content. Imagine being on websites and in
newsletters with lots of readers and think about how many traffic
you could get.

4) Prestige- Up to a few months ago I was a Platinum writer over at, the 1000 lb. gorilla of article sites. Heck I
lost my status because of an affiliate link, so now I am down to
Expert status. Seeing your writing being published especially
without you submitting it to that source helps to reassure that
you are a quality writer.

5) Free Advertising- I have had my ads placed for free in places
that normally would have cost me hundreds of dollars. My resource
box is my ad spot and publishers are required to include it if
they use one of my articles. The resource box is the medium
through which you generate traffic from you articles.

If it was not for article writing I don’t think that I would
receive some of the Joint Venture offers that I get. And the
thing is that many writers share these same benefits. And there
are even more…….

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