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How to Start Your Story with a Bang
by: Caterina Christakos
The purpose of creating a story is to create a
world that will draw the reader away from their
own. In order to do this one must create
suspense, drama and mystery. Your reader must
absolutely need to get from page to page, to find
out what happens.

There are several simple
techniques to get your story going and draw the
reader in. Here are just a few:

1)Start in the middle of a problem.

Ex. A lover's quarrel, a murder, a personal

2) Start with an unusual environment

Ex. Alice in Wonderland, the beginning of the
final frontier, a journey to a new world

3) Start with action.

Ex. A gun has just been fired, A woman is
deciding whether to jump or not, A hospital ER
being mobilized

4) Start with a feeling.

Ex. The soft silk slid across her skin, as she
finally slid into his bed. Hot coals burned his
stomach as the bullet tore through him. The rich
velvety feel of chocolate on her tongue was the
perfect end to a dreadful day.

Don't spend the first day bogged down on details,
unless they are absolutely crucial to
understanding your story. Even then, save
descriptions for later in your story, if you can.
Get the reader hooked first, then you can
describe the rich incandescence of his eyes or
the exact color of her house. Remember your story
should be like life, fast paced, even at a
standstill, and utterly surprising.

About the author:
Caterina Christakos is the author of How to Write a Children's Book in 30 Days or Less. For even more writing tips go to:

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