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Quick Strategies For Writing Your Essay Under Pressure
by: Linda Correli
Most writing is done under time pressure. Yet, while the majority of students have to write in haste - with limited time, limited space and an instructor to please few approach to this task systematically. Though, writing under increasing time pressure requires the ability to zero in one activity, turning all the strengths to successful fulfillment of this task in tight schedule.

Pressure makes some students feel frustrated, freak out and distract their mind and attention from writing. Other students, on the contrary, enjoy the rush, feeling oddly motivated by the pressure.

But still overwhelming number of learners tries to find lame excuses to postpone the work which they don't want to accomplish to the very last moment. More often students complain on

- the feeling of despise and disgust to the writing assignments;
- waiting for the inspiration to strike;
- lack of ideas to set about writing;
- a fear of putting words on the paper;

Indeed all these excuses are unfounded and usually serve as mere complacency and vindication for the unperformed scopes of writing.

Besides, there is a great article with a proven recipe how to treat the work which you hate, but need to do it anyway.

One has to face the truth and confess that the only obstacle which accounts for under pressure writing and missing the deadlines is procrastination. This malicious thief steals precious time, which is the most invaluable gift that every person should spend wisely.

Procrastination can be prevented by acquiring the ability to budget time sensibly, blueprint all the steps on a way to successful essay writing and uncover quick and winning strategies which can be applied in the creative process of writing.

Discover what you can still do to save your essay for a top grade, when you are running late with its writing.

These quick and pithy strategies will help you concentrate and collect your thoughts and ideas and also help you emphasize the major attention on the most important points in writing.

Develop another approach for your essay writing. Just realize that successful essay writing is just an acquired skill, which you can easily develop by persistent writing, reading, making and correcting mistakes.

Essay writing requires a set of general guidelines and rules which you have to master one time and utilize them in every essay you write.

Composing an essay requires putting what you know in a good use. It means to get right to the point in writing and answer the question put before you in the essay clearly and concisely, dropping vague and wordy paragraphs.

Resist the urge of churning out words immediately and dashing about in a flap just because you are burning out of time. Collect your thoughts and determine the direction of your writing. Draw a mind or also called idea map.

You write the subject in the middle of the paper and write the ideas related to the subject around it, adorning them with small symbols or drawings. Then you see which of the written ideas that were connected, usually by drawing lines between them, were out of place. This way you'll have a picture of your essay in your head.

Write an outline for your work, where you blueprint each step of your writing separately and organize all your ideas in one action plan.

An interesting strategy to put up all your thoughts and ideas together is a 'tool box', which is actually similar to the outline and mind map.

It consists of lists categorized into names, dates, places, case studies etc. There is a heading for each list. Then from this jumbled ideas you draw out a rough sequence and make small paragraph division.

Ultimately, you make a frame of initial ideas starting with thesis statement, which is further developed to the body of your essay and summarized with a conclusion.

The analogy of 'tool box' really works, because it is associated with a real tool box that carries tools the craftsmen need for the specific task, sorting them out of all the tools that are stored in the shop (your brain).

In any case try not to bring up your writing assignments to the deadlines, composing your essays in a rush. Remember that you create troubles not only for the self, but for your grader as well. Your late delivery of the paper and missing the assigned deadlines make your grader feel unsatisfied and can influence on lowering the grade for your essay.

But if it's too late to think it over and you have already got stuck in this trouble don't hesitate and harness these ideas for your urgent essay writing.

About the author:
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