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What every unsuccesful marketer do wrong!
by: Ragnar Terjeson Miljeteig
"What every unsuccesful marketer/online business creator do wrong!":
Nr.1 Almost every unsuccesful marketer Join programs like Crazy. Why ? Because they believe what the owners say. For example: "Earn 10000$+ a month!" "Earn 200$ the first day!" "Earn..." "Earn..." Do you really believe them ? Do you think they want You to earn more money than them ? No ? Would you want people hwo joined your program to earn more than you ?... I know your wondering: "What must I do to get internet succes then smartie???" Well, I do NOT say it is impossible to create internet succes by using "Money-machines" I only say it is Harder to achieve then by creating and selling YOUR OWN UNIQUE software or ebook(s). You can also put together a Package of software and ebooks and sell it. And as you may have understood by now, you can generate internet business succes by Creating and Running a succesful online "company" by yourself or in partnership with others. Your probably wondering "Where can i find these "business partners" ?" A good place to start: you find other "internet business people" striving for succes that you can partner up with.
Nr.2 Do NOT join more paid programs than you can afford! The only paid programs I reccomend is Empowerism and WebBizInsider Premium Membership.
Nr.3 "It is all in the marketing!". You have probably heard the saying "It is all in the list" or "The money is in the list!" Right? What if I told you "It is all in the marketing!" would you believe me ? I will explain a little more closely. Good marketing = many visitors. Many visitors = many sales. Bad marketing = few visitors. Few visitors = few or 0 sales. You see, good marketing is the bottom stone of the "internet succes pyramid". If someone takes that stone away, the whole pyramid topples. So you see it really is: "all in the marketing!" "But how do I advertise my site "good" ?" That is what I will be teaching you from here and down!
Good/Correct Marketing:
Nr.1, Ads,Ads,Ads: Ads is one of the most effective way to get "Free" Targeted visitors. But to get visitors from ads, you must know how to write Effective ads, and if you think "That's easy!" you're wrong. First you must find out what is best about your site or product. If it is how cheap it is write it in "Usually sells for 49$ now ONLY 12$!" if it is bonuses write it in "With over 400$ worth of bonuses!" And second you must find a way to make it sound interesting. "Advertisingportal 23 page ebook only 29$" "Advertisingportal the ebook that revoulutionates the terms of internet marketing Now only 29$!" Which of those ads do you think is most interesting? The last one ? Good. And thirdly you must track your ads.... If you want to read more of this "Step by step marketing course" go to: (The Free marketing Millionaire Blog)

To your succes,
Ragnar T. M.

About the author:
A part-time marketer for over 1 year that finally has gotten a grip on it.
Ragnar T. M.

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