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Adwords, Affiliate Marketing And Cashing In On The Xmas Spend
by: Darren Yates
It's going on right now.

The biggest Xmas spend online ever.

It stands to reason that each year more and more people get online. More of the people online begin using their credit cards to shop online and more of these shoppers realise the great convenience that shopping online offers. So they start to spend more on a wider variety of products and / or services.

So when Xmas comes around it makes more sense than ever to do the shopping online from the comfort of their home. They avoid the crowds, the traffic, stay in the warm, comparison shop, read online reviews and then get exactly what they want and get it cheaper too.

You can tap into this huge spending surge right now by utilizing Google Adwords and Affiliate schemes.

Things have changed at Google HQ when it comes to Adwords you can no longer link directly to an affiliate site.

You may now wonder how you can make any money with Adwords and affiliate schemes.

As it goes the change in policy at Adwords had zero effect on the most profitable affiliate promoters. In fact for the smart ones and even the not so smart ones it actually increased their profits!

How? well it's simple.

The smart affiliates didn't send their prospects directly to an affiliate site anyway. Instead they constructed their own site on which they presold the product or service they were promoting. By presell I mean they softly emphasised the benefits of the product, showed mouth-watering pictures, made comparisons to other similar products to emphasise the benefits of the product they were promoting. In essence they wrote a favourable, and what appeared to be an unbiased review.

You can do exactly the same. You don't need a full site just a single landing page will do. You could even have a page for each affiliate product you're promoting on the back of one of your existing sites.

The single biggest thing to keep in mind when you do this is that you must not go for the hard sell. Try to be unbiased and if there are bad points to the product you're promoting via Adwords be sure to mention them.

In fact I'd go so far as to say, make sure you list something you're not happy with.

I know that sounds nuts but it will give your review much more credibility than if you gushed overly enthusiastically about how great this product is.

Mention a bad point or a minor irritation but then be sure to follow with a major good point or qualify why exactly you didn't like this one feature.

What should you promote?

You need something either with a good conversion or a high commission. Preferably both. You also need to find low cost keywords and lots of them if possible. That goes for anything you promote really.

Consider what people will be buying this Xmas. What has the largest price tag but is still in high demand?

Ideally stay away from the obvious e.g. ipods, Xbox's etc there will be too much competition and so to high a click cost.

In conclusion the method of promotion mentioned above has served many people well and in fact resulted in, believe it or not, an annual six figure income for more than one lucky affiliate marketer.

Get your Adwords Xmas campaigns running now. Each day you hold of on starting your Xmas Adwords campaigns you loose money.

About the author:
Darren Yates is the owner of the unique Pay Per Click Software PPC Accelerator that will source, build, edit, format and manage massive Pay Per Click keyword lists fast through one easy to use interface.

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