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Piggyback Promotion - The Future of Low Cost Promotion
With the ever-increasing prices for search engine promotion and pay per click advertising, it has become next to impossible for low budget businesses to compete effectively in that field. A unique concept, piggyback promotion, looks at search engines from a completely different angle. By docking two of the most effective forms of online advertising, it is now possible for low budget businesses to compete on the same level as that of the more financially blessed.

(PRWEB) April 6, 2004--It is an undeniable fact that search engine visibility has become a fundamental necessity to any business - both large and small.

- Predictions for 2005 suggest that there will be a billion people online globally (IDC).

- Research shows that 85% of all traffic to websites and 70% of all online purchases originate from a search engine or directory, like Google, Yahoo, or MSN. (According to the Georgia Institute of Technology and Jupiter Research.)

Although search engines are hands down the best source of targeted visitors, due to the expensive nature of search engine promotion and pay per click advertising, most businesses with a low marketing budget simply give up on the whole idea. Those who still dare to tread the rocky, narrow road by themselves, end up tired and disillusioned by the whole experience.

But what if the concept of search engine promotion was approached from an entirely different angle? Rather than trying to make your "website" visible, concentrate on making your "business" - the actual product(s) or service(s) - visible.

A1CyberAds ( has taken the two best methods of advertising, namely classifieds and search engine promotion, and combined them into one, the CyberAd.

The advertiser puts a full-page detailed description of his business on A1CyberAds, much like a large classified ad - large enough to satisfy the search engine spiders (also commonly known as robots or crawlers). This is then manually optimized by a professional and promoted to search engines and directories worldwide. In effect, this business is "piggybacking" on A1 to attain high rankings.

In this way, the advertiser's goal to draw people to his "business" through search engine visibility is accomplished at a mere fraction of the price it would take to promote his own "website".

An interesting side-effect that can be expected stems from the latest shift in Google's algorithms to giving preference to sites that are rich in content. This, however, is more easily said than done for the webmaster of a small site.

On the other hand, if many small businesses were to come together on one site, that site will automatically become content rich, resulting in the fact that each CyberAd will have a better chance of ranking high.

If you're one of the millions who have given up hope on search engine visibility, then piggyback promotion is definitely your answer. No more wasted time and money on search engine submission or pay per click keywords. And no more burning the night oil trying to stay on top of the ever-changing search engine algorithms.

About A1CyberAds:
A1CyberAds introduces an entirely new angle to search engine promotion. Through a unique concept of piggyback promotion, they endeavor to give small businesses the same advantage as those enjoyed by the larger businesses. A1CyberAds is a branch of, an SEO agency offering optimization and promotion services to medium and large businesses.

Contact: Mari Yamada
Company: A1CyberAds
Address: 794-4 Tanegu, Oita, JP
Phone: 97-529-2390
Fax: 97-529-2390

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