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searchEstate provides Free Advertising, Free Web Sites and Free Web Traffic...
by: Michael A Fowler, M.B.A.
searchEstate provides free advertising and free web traffic via its revolutionary new search engine affiliate scheme. Complete with free web sites and Internet tracking tools to track your advertisements and adjust as required.

searchEstate has launched a new dimension in free advertising – The one and only search engine that is allied to the affiliate marketer. While Yahoo, Google and others charge for their advertising, this concept pays the affiliated advertiser and owner.

Exposure to the main business interests of the affiliate are to the fore, via an affiliate page where they can all be listed. That page is under the affiliates control and it also introduces searchEstate to its highly targeted visitors. As search engines provide 46% of all web traffic to web sites, this free advertising concept seems incredible.

Comparing that to just 1.2% of website visitors arriving by e-mail advertising and it starts you thinking about search engine advertising in a different light.

Providing the free web traffic via the free web sites and the free viral advertising component, searchEstate targets true interest via its web searching facility. This facility is integrated with all the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

"I have been in several ad co-ops to advertise my business opportunities and I must say, this one has far exceeded my expectations! Not only am I getting sign-ups for searchEstate, but the way they do it is to advertise ALL my business opportunities at the same time. It is like 2 for the price of 1. This advertising method is nothing short of brilliant."

The claim that searchEstate is the fastest growing search engine in Internet history, would be of no surprise. Every marketer, affiliate, retailer and reseller can now grow their own piece of Internet advertising Real-Estate and benefit in several different ways.

When that Real-Estate is big enough, the advertising space can be sold as pay-per-click ads to other advertisers. This gives the Pro affiliate member an ongoing stream of residual income from his/her own free advertising network, while free members enjoy free web traffic to their main business sites.

Free web traffic is hard to find, especially the genuine kind of targeted visitors that make sales. This looks a very well thought out plan and is providing many people with the sort of advertising they both want and need, at a cost which is very affordable, or even free.

There is also a Pro version of the searchEstate model, which is relatively inexpensive for the benefits it provides. In today’s marketplace, the same sum could be spent within minutes on advertising that bears no fruit.

The free affiliate web site provided is not replicated. It has keywords and can be adjusted and optimised by the affiliate and indexed by the major search engines.
The Video Presentation is first class and explains the benefits in full. There are also lead capture and Invitation pages.

Going behind the scenes, we find tracking facilities for the advertisements and a complete score of impressions. This allows adjustments to ads that are not performing well. Banners, hosted and provided, are also available for placements upon other sites and in exchanges... More free advertising and web site traffic?

searchEstate stand-alone search boxes are appearing all over the Internet. They even provide an e-mail version of their Internet search! It seems no stone has been left unturned, in the bid to serve the affiliate with an above-average way of advertising their main business, alongside the searchEstate model.

Under current development is the brand new toolbar, which will be freely available to anyone. Incorporating many more features than any of its rivals, it will serve as a great introduction to the searchEstate way of advertising.

Main focus is given to the search results pages, which are far more prominent than the major rivals and enhanced to their fullest extent. Product quality is extremely high on the list of priorities to searchEstate customers.

You have to admire a program that gives so much to its affiliates and end users.

A real chance to forever nullify advertising costs and provide a healthy income via its ‘pay per click’ module, searchEstate will make a huge impact in the world of search engine advertising and marketing.

If this program can allow even the smallest of distributors or retailers to compete with the giants, then it is surely destined to become the ultimate internet advertising solution for every Networker, retailer and marketer.

© - Michael A Fowler, M.B.A. – 2005 – searchEstate provides Free Advertising, Free Web Sites and Free Web Traffic...

About the author:
Michael A Fowler, M.B.A.
Creator and Author of 'The MBA Way'
International Group Trainer and Business Coach - Helping others to enjoy online success since 1998

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