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Web Site Promotion: Give Your Online Promotion An Instant Boost
by: Ken Leonard Jr
Promoting a web site the right way means using a multi-layered system. If you are expecting big sales from a one or two method web site promotion plan, you are in for a rude awakening...

Most useful promotion methods take some time to really kick-in. For a sudden surge of traffic to your web site, think about adding some well-placed targeted advertising into the mix.

Any web site, including yours, will require continuous testing. From the headlines to your sales letter, and right down to the price you are charging, you have to apply three very important ideas:

1) Test
2) Test again
3) Repeat

To get your testing into gear, it helps to start a Pay Per Click ad campaign or buy some targeted ezine ads. Within a week, you can have some serious targeted traffic so you can get an idea of what's working and what's not.

Google AdWords is a good place to learn the Pay Per Click game. If you can get the hang of AdWords, you can get some good traffic fast. You are going to pay for each visitor you get, but your other free and low-cost promotion methods will help to balance your spending. Adwords advertisers get to use built-in ad click and sales/lead conversion tools at no extra cost. This makes it easier to put the testing formula above into action.

If you want to speed up the AdWords learning curve, which can be very frustrating and expensive, you really should check out this helpful resource... This best- selling resource will save you tons of money otherwise wasted on trial and error when you don't know what you are doing, besides saving you months of learning time.

Another way to get fast traffic to your web site is to buy top sponsor or solo ads in related email and online newsletters. There are services available that will place an ad for you in many different quality ezines at once. The ad is seen by your target customers, so you get quality traffic as long as your ad copy pulls. Quality traffic is more likely to translate into leads and sales than poor quality traffic.

Buying Pay Per Click and ezine advertising can help you make up for a slow start with your web site promotions. Your free and low-cost promotion methods will give great results over time. A good mix of free promotion traffic and paid advertising traffic will give your product or service the online exposure it deserves!

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