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Online Business, Where do I start?
by: Tanner Larsson

Copyright © Tanner Larsson

BUSINESS. A big word. A big commitment. A big step.

Very quickly, we can round everything up about staring an online business in four very simple steps. Understand. Prepare. Do it. Sell it. There are no short cuts to working at home, letís put it this way. If youíre looking for a short cut that you can use to start a work at home business, you may want to ignore this article. But in order to start your own online business, there are tons of things to be done. The best thing is for you to hold on to your day job (if you still have one) and take all four steps we recommend here and THEN you quit your day job.

Research the industry. Thatís the first thing you should do if you are really serious about starting an online business. Starting the new online business is not difficult at all. In fact, it is relatively easy and needs minimal funding. Do your homework; look at what your competitors are doing. See how successful they are, emulate their good points and avoid their bad ones. Define your services or products by researching on the feasibility of your online business. Remember, working at home is a career, not a part-time job. Even if youíre still under employment, youíll still need to know everything there is to know about your online business environment and industry. No two ways about it.

Next, you need to write your work at home business plan. Even if you donít have everything right down pat about your new work at home business, youíll find that the fog of uncertainty will start clearing up when you write your work at home business plan. Itís when youíre sitting there, writing, preparing and planning your online business that the jigsaw puzzle pieces starts floating into place quite effortlessly.

Donít copy other peopleís online business plans. Thatís one big mistake you should avoid. If you want your work at home online business to succeed, come up with your own business plan. This is the only way to go. You can use software or programs to help you write your business plan, but you donít copy other peopleís plans. The business plan should include information about potential expenses, income, advertising, promotional campaigns, projection of profitÖ..etc.

There typically isnít much in the way of legal paperwork to be done for an online business but before you start working at home, you should check with a lawyer or a friend who has an online business to make sure youíre not flouting any rules.

Do it
I must say that this has to be the most trying steps of all. Getting your online business off the ground. Deciding on and registering the domain name, hosting company, designing the website, setting up the merchant accounts, shopping carts, uploading all the pages and images, checking linksÖ.etc. Time consuming but at the end of the day, when everything works out, there is a tremendous level of satisfactionÖ.knowing that doing all that enables you to work at home.

Sell it
Now that the business is all set to receive orders and youíre all geared up about your new work at home business, itís time to start selling the products and services. Find ways to advertise online and offline, tie-up with partners and affiliates, get others to help you promote your business, use autoresponders, set up your newsletters, write articles, exchange links with other websites, join forums, participate in message boards and groups related to your businessÖ.etc. All in the name of selling.

With lots of patience and persistence, starting your online business could be as easy and smooth as you want it to be. Just keep your focus and direction. And remember, nothing happens overnight, so, be patient and persist, and never give up.

About the author:
Tanner Larsson is a veteran entrepreneur and the publisher of the award winning Work At Home Success Newsletter. Subscribe to his newsletter and recieve 4 EXCLUSIVE Bonuses valued at $276.

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