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Ghostwriting - It's Not Only For Books
by: Lorette Lyttle

Utilizing a Ghostwriter for eBook product creation is a quick and easy way to churn out product after product.

BUT, ghostwriting is not just for ebooks!

Do you currently have a website and do you already market products?

If you do you are in luck. As we all know, to market your product you need to have newsletters, ezine articles, special reports, bonuses and more.

Well, you can use a Ghostwriter to do all of that for you. You can hire a Ghostwriter to do a "Special Report" for one of your products and send it to your li*st. It may be about a new finding that relates to your product or maybe even a sales letter for another product.


If you have a product on B*ody Building, you can hire a Ghostwriter to write a report on "Supplements - Learn the good, the bad, and the unknowns on the most popular supplements on the market". You can sell this as a special report, add it as a bonus to your current product or you can give it away to your li*st to add instant credibility.

Do you have an offline business?

Great! You can hire a ghostwriter to create reports for your business to add credibility to your establishment.


If you are a dentist, you can have a ghostwriter write a report on "Gingivitis - New studies on how to prevent this growing problem" to give to your clients, giving you instant credibility.

Ghostwriting is not only for product creation, but also a great tool to add credibility and value to your already established business.

About The Author

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This article was posted on August 20, 2005


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