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Public Service Announcement (PSA) Radio Copy Writing Success
by: Scott Perreault

What if the Super Bowl television commercials were all public service announcement (PSA) advertisements rather than beer, cars and soda commercials? Imagine, The Red Cross followed by the Make A Wish Foundation and the Shriners Hospital. Would the world still remained glued to the television? If the writers approached the copy for these PSA with the same creativity as the beer commercials, we believe the answer is yes. Why? Because a good commercial, is a good commercial. Period.

Radio voice and copy writing experts at know that the assignment of writing a PSA is often put on the back burner in most copy departments. The paying customer is first in the cue. When the time arrives to write the PSA copy, the energy and enthusiasm has often expired. But it should have never evolved this way. Thanks to misguided copy departments of the past, we all suffer today with less than stellar radio public service announcements. The time to change is now.

Radio stations are required to air a certain amount of PSA’s each year. Because the quality is often second rate compared to other commercials in the rotation, a station cannot air these on prime time. If given the opportunity, they will. In fact, has experienced such results. Write a good commercial, be it for soda or Cancer research and it will makes its way into the rotation. Why? Because radio stations are begging for quality public service announcements.

About The Author

Scott Perreault is a radio and narration voice veteran with over twenty years of broadcasting and voice work experience. From the writing, production and development of radio campaigns to the recording of a two-hour audio book, Scott has experienced many facets of the voice business. Scott resides in both California and Minnesota.

This article was posted on October 03, 2005


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