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Healthcare Preventive Maintenance Software -
by: Jennifer Bailey
Healthcare facilities such as clinics, hospitals, and biomedical laboratories can benefit greatly if up to date CMMS software is used. Healthcare CMMS programs will help with the maintenance of the building, alerting workers when items such as automatic doors, light fixtures, and plumbing structures are due for checkups.

Another invaluable function that they provide is to help keep track of the condition of various instruments in the facilities. Healthcare organizations deal with several kinds of expensive equipment, such as X-ray machines, adjustable hospital beds, sterilized tools, one-use disposable needles, and countless others. It is important to keep track of the condition of all this equipment, and modern healthcare preventive maintenance software can do just that. Supervisors can keep computerized records of when surgical equipment needs to be sterilized, when certain instruments need to be updated, and when supplies for disposables are running low.

One more important function of healthcare CMMS programs is to keep track of valuable medicines and chemicals. Since many types of medicine are classified as controlled substances due to their addictive nature, it is vital for the healthcare facility to be able to account for how much they have and where it is. This inventory maintenance is often done by an employee physically counting the number of pills or amount of liquid present and then recording it. This process is long, tedious, and has a high potential for error. Healthcare preventive maintenance software programs can keep track of where controlled substances are stored, how much is present, who has access to them, and when they are administered. This function is especially vital for biomedical facilities that experiment with and produce many different types of medicines and chemicals.

Healthcare preventive maintenance software can save healthcare workers much time and effort in their day-to-day jobs. Indeed, facilities can be maintained with a greater degree of accuracy and efficiency when healthcare CMMS is used.

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