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Is Web Ranking Software Right For You?
by: Angie Noack
The battle for targeted traffic to your website is an ongoing concern with almost every business that has an online presence. To meet this demand, a whole industry has grown up around providing web ranking and search engine optimization services.

Among your choices are many web ranking software programs vying for your attention with promises of Top 10 positions and tons of free traffic from the search engines. Here are some things to consider and some things to look out for before you decide if this type of software is right for you.

The company’s website - Here’s a great first clue to knowing if the company offering web ranking software actually has a decent product – is there site at the top of the search engine for phrases related to their industry? If you do a search for ‘web ranking software’, the sites that show up first must have some idea what they are doing and would be good potential candidates to check out first.

Testimonials - Although many people are uncomfortable revealing their sites that have top ranking on competitive targeted keywords, you usually will find at least a few testimonials with website or contact information. Double check to see that these users actually do have the rankings they claim to have.

Top Ranking Myths – It is very important to qualify claims of top rankings. While many web ranking software programs claim they can get your site top ten rankings, make certain you can get rankings on keyword phrases that are both targeted and provide traffic – that is, people actually type these phrases into the search engines.

On the other hand, be wary of any program that claims it can get you top rankings on any highly competitive, high trafficked phrases, as it is near impossible to do without constant
hands-on search engine optimization services.

Getting top web rankings is a very competitive topic, and most people will be very hush-hush about how they got the rankings they have. If you have friend or acquaintances though who have highly ranked websites, be sure to try and find out if they use or recommend a particular software to help with the process.

Furthermore, make certain that any ranking software you are considering purchasing has been around for a while and has a decent support community. Some web ranking software use techniques that the search engines don’t appreciate. While they may get your site high rankings for a short period of time, the search engines may penalize or even ban your site if you are using these types of programs. Look for sustainable, long term programs that will work in your favor.

About the author:
Angie Noack is a business strategist with a sharp edge for technology. With her unique ability to combine these two skills, she's able to help businesses save time and increase profits. You can find her online at

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