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The Interactive Map Meets the Data Visualization Needs of the 21st Century
by: Joe Miller
Data Visualization Data visualization seems to be the trend of 21st century business. Since the internet has taken a leading role in everything from information to advertising to commerce, companies use interactive data visualization to reach out to consumers.

Data visualization reaches into every aspect of business. Sales reports, inventory management, financial reports, and more are created with data visualization tools which make information interactive.

By interactive, I mean that a user can click on a piece of information displayed in order to learn more details about it. This is called drilling down into an interactive map. Data visualization is created with mapping software and provides real-time, interactive information to users. This brings businesses and consumers together over the internet.

Interactive Map

So how does this all come together? The answer is>interactive mapping. An interactive map is just that, a visual display that is interactive. Businesses use interactive maps,>interactive charts, and other forms of interactive mapping to interact with consumers and with departments within the business.

Tracking, reporting, and a myriad of other possibilities are now available to businesses to help them share information and open up more business transaction.

Mapping Software Business mapping software was built specifically to meet business needs. Not only can inventory be tracked and managerial statements compiled, but businesses can effectively convey large quantities of information to consumers in a non-intimidating way.

Consider the following examples:

Airlines continually use business mapping software in order to create data visualization that is user friendly and consumer interactive. Consumers can drill down through flight information as well as through seating information. With data visualization, created from business mapping software, the airlines allow consumers to interact with the airline over the internet.

With respect to researching information from annual snowfall at your favorite ski resorts to the average per capita PhD population in Kochi, India, interactive data visualization presents even complex levels of information in a digestible manner.

Think about what data visualization can do for businesses. Businesses already take advantage of mapping software to track multiple levels of consumer information, even to the point of recognizing purchasing trends among middle-aged blue collar working men at a branch in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

About the author:
Joe Miller is an author of informational articles and online advertisements on business, technology, and health. Information on Interactive Map is available at

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