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by: Blur Loterina
Are you fond of digital photography? Are you looking for a new tool that will let you organize, edit, enhance, share and archive your digital image? Read on.

Microsoft's Digital Image Suite 10 is a package that offers you the advantages of both Digital Image Library 10 and Digital Image Pro 10. This upgraded image editing software is ideal for digital photos. With added features from Digital Image Library 10, you will be able to organize your photo collection. It helps you upload your photo easily. You can even rate images or flag them for future use. Library also allows you to add captions on your images and categorize them using some keywords. You can classify your images according to date, size, favorites, ratings and more. It has an automatic back-up reminder to safeguard your photos in the right places.

This software will enable you to edit images with ease. Just launch the Digital Image Pro 10. It logically arranges your tools and enables you to make changes using the Auto Fix commands. Although, it offers fewer options and requires complex commands, it will provide you with excellent results.

Digital Image Suite 10 allows you to create a movie out of your photos. It’s a sort of a stop motion animation that’s commonly used in cartoon movies and clay animation. A stop motion animation is a process in which pictures are arranged and shown in such a way that it looks as if the motion is continuous.

Also, it features an easy-to-follow wizard that lets you to create a video out of your photos. Not only that, you can also add background music, narration and title pages.

It contains flags that will remind you of the next steps, such as which photos need to be printed or sent. With Auto Fixes, your camera phone images can now be adjusted. This feature helps you edit the color, exposure or any ‘imperfection’ automatically. You can also use the Color and Exposure toolsets to balance brightness, washed-out colors, and the like.

This program also allows you to adjust curves including red, green, blue, saturation and luminosity. Also, you can eliminate noise, red eye effect, and faded or bright color pixels.

Another remarkable feature is the Smart Erase tool was added so that you can remove unwanted images or backgrounds. Its Panoramic Stitching feature enables you to put together vertical and horizontal photos to show the whole story in one single scene. It also allows you to burn images to CDs or DVDs.

Microsoft’s Digital Image Suite 10 is your complete tool for editing images, as well as adding life to your photos. One drawback is that it only allows you to edit images one at a time, which means that you cannot have two or more copies of an image when editing.

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