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Video Podcasting - Big Thing
by: Eddie Miller
Podcasting, a term coined formerly for the free downloading of audio segments onto Apple iPods, now is being expanded to include video as well. The new iPods that are video enabled are expected to bring in a flurry of video revolution and set off a whole new wave of media. Although currently radio shows are the most popular Podcasts, TV shows, humorous videos, and other forms of media are expected to become the new craze as the new iPod video-enabled units hit the shelves.

A rather interesting detail, however, in lies as to what sorts of video Podcasts are expected to be the most popular. Religious sermon videos are expected to be big, especially since they have a large audio Podcast following, as well as certain forms of audio shows that are expected to transfer to video as well. Another media that is expected to get big through video Podcasting is pornography. Although the initial quality that the new iPods can display is still under consideration, pornography is still expected to be a big Podcasting favorite when the new iPods become available.

What kind of new age are we getting ourselves into? Nobody really knows. But, needless to say, this new technology and the ability it brings to have almost limitless amounts of audio and video files at our fingertips 24/7 is definitely very intriguing. The leaps and bounds made by Apple and its iPod are only the beginning of future technological advancements involving little devices such as these. The future awaits.

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