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New Recipe For Your Fresh Paper Pie
by: Linda Correli

Many writers aspire to create original and incomparable works, so that to stand them out of heaps of previously written stuff. They resort to crafty tricks to grab the attention of readers and eagerly try to find an unoccupied niche, undeveloped idea or some lurid news to make their papers one of a kind. Catchy titles, simple and persuasive language, personal apply to the reader and intricate plot are only some clever dodges authors harness in writing.

No matter what the purpose of the written work is writing presents a kind of competition with unstated rules, where the strongest survives. These are writers who find the appropriate appeal to the reader, winning, controversial and topical theme, which proves to be helpful, instructive or explanatory. In a word, a paper which makes readers tick and turns to be useful for them.

In chase of complete satisfaction of readers the majority of writers forget that writing is a creative process rather than fitting of different variables into the existed templates and search of the burning issues of vital importance which can be easily harnessed.

A boilerplate paper is one of the major premonitions, a kind of taboo long-established and experienced writers beware tyros of.

Thus, the reinvention of the brand new strategy which will make the process of writing less laborious, more enjoyable and creative is impracticable and senseless, because there are pools of molded descriptions which explain how to master the art of writing and create a superb paper.

Hence, the only rational thing is to generalize and summarize all the previously accumulated experience and excerpt from it helpful and interesting hints, taking away the ideas that donít really work.

Writing is very similar to preparing a pie. You know a recipe, add up ingredients in the prescribed order and as a result you get a fresh, yummy pie. Writing is a case in point.

You might be itching to learn the one single, proven and success guaranteed recipe which will enhance your writing and deliver a successful paper. Indeed the recipe is very simple.

  • Always listen to what your intuition suggests as per developing a specific subject;
  • Look for interesting writing ideas inside your mind and soul;
  • Be open to everything new and be ready to perceive and receive;
  • Feel free about writing, be inspired and creative about everything you do;
  • Surrender all your thoughts to writing;
  • Be yourself in writing, develop your original style and enjoy the creative process;
  • Everything is in your hands, so make your writing easier with taking your life easier and becoming more open-minded.

Now knowing the recipe you can easily add up the appropriate ingredients.

  • Always turn in your imagination and fantasy, discuss the ideas which really concern you and develop the points you are genuinely interested in.
  • Your paper will never have a success if your words donít come from your heart. All your attempts will be doomed to failure and youíll never make your point clear, if you are not sincere with yourself and your reader and not quite sure in what you are trying to prove.
  • Donít impose yourself ďwrite every dayĒ regime, just to automate your writing skills, remember about inspiration. You are not a chattel of writing. Bear in mind that sooner or later youíll hate the process of writing and you wonít be able to look at the sheet of paper and take a pen in your hands. Write with inspiration and stimulate it by all possible means: pleasant memories, communicating with interesting people, eating tasty food.
  • Give yourself a leeway, donít bow to any templates, relax and make your mind free of any conceptions. Your mind is an invaluable treasury which is chock-full of ideas and thoughts; your primary task is to extract them from your brain. Close your eyes and return to the pleasant moments you have experienced once, galvanize your memories and set them out in writing.
  • Dreams have always played an important part in everything we do, including writing. The point is that your subconscious mind is not bounded by the limitations imposed on your conscious mind by the habits of day to day living. Dreaming is a time when your mind is open and sensible for the external influences, so it can perceive and block out your memories and evoke interesting ideas. In a word, your dreams can become a great source of your unconventional writing ideas.
  • Jot down all the dreams you had, how strange, weird and chaotic they can seem from the first sight. After some time past reread them and try to make sense of them or just take some idea out of it. Your dreams can become fresh seeds for your writing.
  • We often have dreams which confuse, baffle, excite and scare us. These strong feelings can be transmitted into the pieces of writing we create.

Sure that as a result youíll get a successful, winning and original paper. Just donít forget to add up all the ingredients and stick to the recipe strictly.

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This article was posted on September 22, 2005


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